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Congressman Jim Moran, D-VA


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Jim Moran continued

"We have far more people determined to hurt Americans and this country than we did before the Iraq war. Iraq has become the boot camp for extremists. It is a situation where if a mastermind extremist determined to undermine the respect that the United States had around the world, we couldn't have carried out a better scenario from their standpoint." - CONGRESSMAN JIM MORAN

JIM MORAN, born in Boston, tranplanted to Virginia, is a veteran of civil rights activism in the 60's, and public service in the following decades. For eight terms as congressman from Virginia's 8th district he has fought for civil rights, the environment and other progressive issues. From the outset he opposed the war in Iraq - despite representing a district that includes military bases, the Pentagon, and defense-related businesses - because he believed that the war was wrong.

    More About Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA)

Congressman Jim Moran was re-elected November 2006 to his ninth term serving Northern Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a member of the Appropriations Committee where he serves on the Defense Subcommittee and Interior Subcommittee.

An early and outspoken opponent of the war, Congressman Moran was coauthor of the resolution that would have required the U.S. to fully exhaust U.N. diplomatic options before invading Iraq. Over the course of his career he has demonstrated vigorous leadership in support of the environment, women's issues, gay rights, stricter gun laws, technology, fair and open trade, and fiscal discipline.

Representing a district that is part of the Washington Metropolitan Region, he is also well known for his efforts to promote public transportation and protect federal employees and military retirees. The congressman also co-chairs the Congressional Prevention Coalition Caucus, Task Force on Sovereign Wealth Funds and is active on human rights issues, particularly involving women in the developing world.

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